web-scale natural language processing

Plexi NLP is the patent pending technology at the core of all our products. It's a powerful natural language processing solution that uses heuristic models and runs at web-scale, and available to developers via several API's.

With "web scale" speeds averaging 65,000 words per second, PlexiNLP provides the means to apply sophisticated natural language processing to time-critical operations such as ad targeting, search, action/entity extraction in communications and document archives, unstructured data analysis, and more.

Learn more about PlexiNLP, the technology, the company, and more in the PlexiNLP company blog.

Conversational search that understands both your query, and the results.
Visit the web beta of an exciting new tool for social media.
Pocket sized summaries of breaking news, as it happens.
Our suite of language processing tools, available for developers to use.

PlexiVoice: conversational search for the future of devices

Voice’s appeal is that user’s don’t need to learn how to use a product. The device landscape is such that there are over 600 user experiences for interacting with the Internet of Things.

Millions of apps in app stores can’t move from platform to platform, and are not consistent across platforms. This is good for OEMs through consumer lock-in, but bad for developers and consumers.

People want to do more, but don’t want to have to install a bunch of apps, or worry about if there is an app for their device. It’s time to end that worry. A single voice interface, based on every day conversation, can create a unity standard across this entire ecosystem of devices, and make them all commodity hardware.

Visit www.PlexiVoice.com to experience the future of conversational search.

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PlexiDigest: instant summaries of breaking news, as it happens

News summary apps are the new hotness. Summly is great but only gives you content from Yahoo. Wavii was awesome, but Google shut it down. Building on the success of TLDR, Plexi Digest takes all the day's news, as it happens, and shrinks it for pocket-sized reads for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

With PlexiDigest you get breaking news in 8 categories, pulled as it happens from leading sources like: BBC, CNN, Fox News, Sports Illustrated, Reuters, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Mashable, Engadget, The Verge, New York Times, and many more. Articles always current are never more than a few hours hold. Summaries are often accompanied by photos from the source story, and you can click through to read the full article of any story.

Don't settle for apps that pick selectively from yesterday's news or wait for your Facebook friends to decide what's happening, get the news from the source, live and in real-time with PlexiDigest.

Go to PlexiDigest.com to learn more, and get the links to install the app on your iOS, Android or Windows phone.

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PlexiNLP API's: advanced NLP for developers

automated content summaries

The rise of mobile devices presents an obstacle for users and publishers attempting to deliver long-form content. PlexiNLP creates a summarization framework for both users and publishers to demonstrate its capabilities.

Content summarization and reduction requires the ability to extract the important elements of a document. Plexi NLP applies language indicators about cause, conclusion, relevance, and emotion, to apply accurate decisions about importance when reducing content length. This approach also enables topic-focused reductions based on the subject matter keywords provided by a user. Our TLDR plug-in and PlexiDigest technology delivers on this and are the most widely-adopted automated summarization tool for consumers on the Internet. Get examples of how to use the PlexiNLP Summary API in Python, PHP, Node.js, and Go.

knowledge management and big data

The Plexi NLP Plexi Abstract API delivers a rich set of summarization capabilities that can be easily customized for any knowledge management, enterprise search, CRM, CMS, or web publishing platform.

Plexi NLP provides summaries of support tickets and content from an organization’s knowledge base. It extracts phone numbers, people, places, and other quantitative data elements from text sources. Plexi NLP summarizes e-mail threads and normalizes correspondence for big data analysis. Publishers can integrate Plexi NLP into a content management system to deliver mobile-optimized content without the necessity for multiple versions.

Head to mashape to start using free-trial versions of our API's right now.

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